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These Things Matter More Than Penis Size

When it comes to starting a relationship and sustaining it, penis size is hardly a factor. There are maybe a dozen and one more important things that determines which way your relationship will go and trust me when I say the size of your junk is not it

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5 Facts You Should Know About Penis Size

Rounding up the conversation on Penis Size,  we have a list of five (5) facts you should know about penis size

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The Perfect Penis Size For One-Night Stands And Long-Term Relationships

What is the perfect penis size? We are as curious as you are. To start with the perfect  penis size is more about choice and how it fits and less about perfection.

75 women were asked the same question and their replies proved that women really have two (2) choices in the matter

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How to do the penis enlargement exercises

There are four (4) exercises that work on increasing circulation of blood to the penis and also stretches the length to help you gain a few inches more.

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Natural Ways to Increase Penis Size

This is probably the most effective way to increase penis size to a noticeable degree. It is safe, it is effective and is recommended as the first method you should try.

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The Bigger the Penis, The More Likely She’ll Cheat

One of the many factors that increased the likelihood of women straying outside their marriage or relationship asides domestic violence, being denied sex or denied preferred sexual position, or a lack of sexual satisfaction, is a bigger penis According to…

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Does Penis Size REALLY Matter?

Men and women both seem to care about penis size for varying reasons; men mostly because of insecurity and self image, women mostly because of sexual pleasure. 

The big question though is, does penis size really matter? 

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Here is What the Average Penis Looks like

Before you read on, remember, a penis is a penis and there’s no “too big” or “too small” Okay? Because we like facts so much, this article would be serving some hard facts on what the average penis size looks…

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How To Tell Your Partner Exactly What You Need in Bed

Telling your partner that a move they think is super sexy just isn’t working for you isn’t the easiest conversation to have. While physical intimacy is not always emotional intimacy, you can easily hurt your partner’s ego or feelings if…

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erectile dysfunction

8 Ways to Get Your Penis Working Again

Once upon a time, problems in the bedroom stayed in the bedroom. Today, sexual dysfunctions like erectile dysfunction or ED, are no longer hushed-up diagnosis, and for good reason. It is more common than many people realize, affecting somewhere about 5%…

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