He Wants Me To Become Lekpa

Dear Mahogany, I met this guy two months ago on Tinder so we have been talking for sometime and we have met each other once.  Things were going well till last two weeks he asked me out and I told…

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Dear Mahogany, My boyfriend and I have been dating for a year now, and things are moving smoothly between us. But he traveled three months ago and returned last month. He called me to come over to his place because…

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Dear Mahogany, His accent turns me off. I recently met this guy through a friend at work . He has good looks, well-groomed connecting beard and a nice physique. Those are a major turn on for me. Plus he is…

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My Partner Wants Us To Ditch The Condom

Hi Mahogany, My partner and I have been together for three years and I was a virgin before we met. He has been my only sexual partner in all of those years and he claims that he hasn’t had sex…

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My Boyfriend will leave me if I don’t have Sex with Him

I’m 17 years old this month and my boyfriend is 18. We have been dating for just over a year and a half. I will admit we have sex very regularly, like about 10 times a week, but the problem…

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Ask Mahogany: How do I prevent (yeast) Infection?

Hi Mahogany, I just started having sex last year and I have had more than two boyfriend’s since then. What can I do to prevent infections? I have noticed that most guys don’t like to wear condoms and I really…

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My Boyfriend Doesn’t Satisfy Me At All!

I met my boyfriend at a party. He is tall, dark, handsome and very intelligent.. I really like the conversation we had at the party after the party we exchanged numbers and we kept in touch with each other… Long…

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I think my boyfriend is a pedophile

I think my boyfriend is a pedophile – he likes sex with kids. I’m not saying I have caught him in the act o! Don’t get me wrong, please. I just have this gut feeling from the kind of sex…

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My husband must not know!

My husband and I met in our second year in the university. We were friends for the next three years and we never had sex. All through those years, I was sleeping with his cousin who was our one-year junior…

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