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5 Steps To Recover From a Bad Divorce or Breakup

Now that you have gotten out of that bad situation the path to healing and recovery begins. It may not be pleasant but it will be liberating and at the end you’ll be in a better place.

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What to Expect after a Divorce / Breakup

Although everyone reacts to divorce / breakups differently, there is a typical and predictable series of psychological stages some pass through. The four stages can be labeled denial, conflict, ambivalence, and acceptance.

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7 Signs to help you Identify a Toxic Relationship

The novelty of a new relationship can hide some very ugly truths that eventually creeps in as the romance washes off. What are the signs of a toxic relationship?

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toxic relationship


  Relationships can be challenging and less than perfect from what we dreamed about. However,  Are unhappy most of the time? Beyond physical abuse, some relationship ‘red flags’ may be dismissed as common ways to cope. That’s a mistake. Incessant…

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